Covid-19 update

Well, it looks like Boris will be allowing businesses like hairdressers and tailors etc to start trading again from around July 4th, so I'm getting prepared for a safe environment in my workroom. I work from home and it has just been the three of us here for the past 3 months.

I have been making scrubs, masks and bags, but have also been able to work for some customers who leave material on my doorstep and then collect the ready-made garments the same way.

However, if I am making new made-to-measure patterns and dresses, customers will need to be measured and fitted. I will wear a mask and have hand-sanitiser available when arriving and leaving. I will wipe down the surfaces in the workroom between customers and am not allowing any more than 2 people in at a time. If anyone has any concerns or special requirements, please let me know.

As a qualified designer, I love to design outfits for my customers, but if they already have an idea or photo of what they are looking for, I am equally happy to copy them or interpret their design.

At the first consultation, we can discuss style and cloth, then I will take careful measurements in order to make the pattern. I will make a mock-up in cotton, or a cloth similar to what is required, so at the first fitting you will have a good idea or how the final garment will look.Any tweaks to the fit or style alterations can be done at this fitting.

When you are completely happy with the look, I can cut and make the garment which will have a second fitting before completion.